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Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting damn tired!

Hey everyone I know its been awhile since the last time I posted but I've got stuff on my chest that needs to fly.  Sigh so probably the last time you heard from me I got a new gf and a new job.  Well once again something decided to slap me in the damn face I lost my job...Now my world that I have built is beginning to crash down again.  I'm within about 2 weeks of losing my apartment unless I find a new job, My car is fucked, I'm broke, and in debt.  God dammit I hate how this fucking economy is so fucked right now and its so hard to find a good job or get your foot into a career.  I mean hell I apply to about 25-50 places online on a daily bases then about every other day go put in applications.  Still nothing...  OH! and I hate how when your a walk in and you have to fill out a paper application you have to refill everything you could have had answered with a resume I mean hell besides careers resumes seem to be more pointless then anything else.  Also on top of that you could have years of experience in something and just fail the little or huge true/false Highly Agree/Highly Disagree questionnaires and we are sorry you don't fit our qualifications.  When we all know if we answer those damn things truthfully we all know we'd all fail it.  Companies nowadays are full of shit requiring more effort on our parts to make it "easier" on them to keep track of applicants and eliminate unqualified applicants.  I wish I could just walk into a place fill out the first few lines on their paper application then staple my resume to it and if testing is needed let it be damn knowledge testing not this stupid opinionated shit.  I want a career I want something that I don't mind going in daily to pay the bills.  Hell I'm not asking for something I enjoy either but sweet jesus it shouldn't be this hard.

I don't wanna lose my home...and I don't wanna feel like a piece of useless shit anymore.... Wish me luck...

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