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Welcome to the place where the insanity of my brain seems to show itself I'll be doing item reviews and quite a bit of ranting! so take a look around enjoy what you see and make yourself comfortable.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

You spin me right round baby right round

Well what can I say over the past few months a few surprising turns in my life have made me think my life is written by M. Night Shyamalan lol.  Lets see the one girl I was pursuing disappointed me, the one I thought of dating I hurt horribly (which I'm not proud of at all), So I ended up with the one I least expected.  She's A gorgeous one and I love her to death she makes me happy more then anyone has attempted to.  Hell I can't help but smile when I look at her.  I plan on making this one last for as long as humanly possible but at the same time never know what might happen.  As for my job yes it seemed very prosperous but its come to be kinda costly.  My travel is doing a horrible number on my car and gas prices are driving me into debt.  So having a hard time getting to work or having times I can't make it due to lack of gas means 10hrs a day I'm missing from my paycheck which is a damn pretty penny to me.  *Sigh* hope things get better but I'm still pushing on and trying.  Wish you all the best and hope money problems for yall are no where as bad as mine lol.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Well now interesting turn of events

So after my horrible rampage dealing with the tugging heart strings in my chest things went a complete random direction.  I'm no longer single and its not with the person I was pining over she was completely random social interaction that exploded into a completely awesome relationship.  It's really odd but quite nice whats been going on things are moving a little fast for more then everyone's taste but at the same time its surprising how well somethings like this work out.  I guess that's a proper tie into a conversation a friend and I were having about the chaos theory A.e. "Butterfly Effect" the several different versions of the repercussions of single choices or events that cause a ripple effect in your life or the world.  I've made a choice that few would, in this event a ripple effect has occurred.  I began dating my dear less then a month ago already due to being around me she has grown the balls to stand up to her alcoholic mother, move in with me, and start pursuing an actual life with me.  Yes that's something truly soon to hear but this one seems right...slap me later if I'm wrong lmao...I hope I'm not.