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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Old Ass Rant But Holds Precedence

Sigh this is gonna be a little bit of a rant so bear with me. I'm sick and tired of the job market and how no matter how many applications and resumes I put out I keep getting denied. Also how the big personality tests stop you from getting a job when more then half of the people who fail would be the best people to work at these places. Also how unreliable most of these managers and places are right now that they never seem to call you back even after you've called to remind them. I need a damn job and I cant seem to get my hands on one I cut my damn hair to look professional! Still no results. I'm also sick and tired of how the government is so fucked up right now. Taxes and expenses, Idiots making "smart decisions", and people thinking boosting the damn gas prices is a good idea. People are getting rid of their cars and SUVs, small delivery business's having to change prices or having major issues. Everything in the past handful of years has went to shit with this country wish we could clean the decision making positions out for people with good heads on their shoulders. I'm sick and damn tired as to how my life is (not just complaining I have been trying it will just take more time but I can rant dammit!) I lost my damn fiance, my house, my car, and my way of life. I moved to Texas for a new start and I'm living with my brother to do it. I've been here for about 5-6 months and nothing is happening no matter what I do no job, no money, and no life. I'm riding a damn bike around a city that isn't at all bike friendly, I'm sleeping on a cot in my brothers living room I mean seriously how am i suppose to pick up girls and date and stuff if those are my resources. I'm tired of being lonely! I was with someone for about 3 years and I've always hated being on the market. *sigh* I'm gonna shut up before I overload this stuff. If you actually too the time to read this either your really bored or interested either way ty for reading.

I wrote this over two years ago and the same crap is still going on!!!