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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wow talk about being alone

You know its one thing to be able to make a good decision. Its another to make a good decision that hurts for awhile.  Leaving my fiance is gonna hurt for awhile but in general I know it was for the right reasons.  I knew it wasn't gonna work out later for us and I'd preferred to end it on a good note instead of waiting for it to get bad.  But due to the fact that it was a good note its hard not to think of the good things and miss what I used to have.  Hell my roomates out in the living room having fun with his girl and everything and I'm stuck in my room atm with no one.  The one I want can't be here the one I used to have can't be here.  Siiiigh I guess its just another night of what I need to get used to...its still hard though.

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