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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sigh hospital fails

About a little under a week ago a good friend of mine went into the ER she had been coughing up blood for days and she was worried there was something horribly wrong.  So she gets to the ER goes through the same mumbo jumbo crap we all go through in the ER.  Sit there for like an hour as they all run and pace around like they are busy (I used to work in Hospitals I've watched people in the ER).  Finally she get seen now the charge nurse luckily was the first person she got to see he treated her right then handed the clipboard to a new nurse.  A crooked eyed dumbass bitch who ended up pumping an entire IV tube full of air directly into her veins almost killing my friend.  My friend was asking and begging for help due to the pain the air put her in causing a heart arrhythmia but this kmart eyed cunt just basically told her to shut up and drugged her to go to sleep so she wouldn't say anything! By the end of everything this stupid cunt of a nurse denies anything that happened even with witnesses so they discharge my friend to basically say good fucking luck! siiigh when did working in hospitals lose the aspect of actually taking care of someone no matter the problem? Fuck our system! and BTW the nurse only got a slap on the wrist for almost killing my friend....


  1. It's really sad to hear, that we trust our lives to such an incompetent people.

  2. She shoul sue hospital for damages or something...